Want to become our regional distributor or exclusive distributor? Please come and join us.

We offer a comprehensive support to our authorized distributors:

Brand support

Provide brand authority certificate & officially authorized agent certificate, brand area protection.

Self innovation and source factory

Self-innovation products have an advantage of significant difference, and source factory secure our production channel and ensure the JIT delivery.

Product & price support

Agent price, sample test and sales priority of the newly introduced products.

Promotion support

Famous movie star endorsement, brand advertisement, new product launch activities, product promotion activities, exhibitions, etc..

Marketing material & design

Product datasheet, installation manual, installation video, product poster, product catalogue, internal design drawing, etc..

Training support

Professional trainings for smart lock, installation and marketing.

Customized cooperation support

Tailor-make the cooperation plan for the agents (market planning, marketing strategy, pricing strategy and sales system).

After-sales support

One-year warranty for free replacement, and two-year warranty for free repair. 24/7 after-sales service.

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